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Date: 10th May 2016
Full Silicone Sex Doll
Sex doll detail1.real doll,Website:,high emulation?2.Flexibility good?3.Height:152cm;BWH:81 /61/88cm;shoulder:85CM?4.CTN size:130cm*30cm*40cm/GW:13KG?5.Material: High quality siliconeUsage Way:1. ?Take the real silicone doll out of the carton. Facing the back of the head, make sure the screw inside the neck is aligned correctly with the card slot of receptacle, and gently connect them. Finally, turn the head around.2. ?Clean the real silicone doll before using. No immersing it in water. Using thinner or toluene to clean is also prohibited, or the real silicone doll will be seriously damaged.3. ?Put on a condom when using real silicone doll, and apply some lubricants around its vagina.4. ?No tearing when using the real silicone doll, and no hooking on blunts, sharp objects or nails.5. ?The width between real silicone doll?s inside of its feet is 70cm, knee curvature is 90 degrees, and arm can be turned of 360 degrees. Elbow joint, wrist and knuckles can be bended like real person, head can be turned of 360 degrees. Don?t twist the doll out of its range.6. ?Cleaning vagina: Place the real silicone doll supine or prone against the edge of the bed or some other things. Put a basin of water under it and insert vagina irrigator into the vagina or anus to make clean.7. ?The vagina can be changed. When changing to a new vagina, tie the anus till vagina is fitted into the doll successfully, and then take away the sellotape.8. OEM face, body and color is available.Unit price:US$400~US$1000
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