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Date: 10th May 2016
100% Real TPR Sex Doll
Material:This product is imported medical grade soft silicone and non-toxic PVC by senior medical soft material is refined,Website:, smooth feel comfortable; inflatable use; This product is semi-solid baby (head, chest, hands feet, and vagina&anus are soft silicone) eliminates the pay for physical Doll expensive and difficult to inadequate storage, while a certain extent, you feel the happiness of have a entity dolls.Features1.the sex doll 2 body lines (buxom and fit), 7 face lines of ultra-realistic silicone love doll series to satisfy different customer demands.2.the sex doll can easily dress a love doll with different hair style, eyes, make-up and clothes to make the doll lively and doll mixing and molding allows us to make the full doll body with different types of material, ?the doll?s breasts use an extra soft and elastic silicone4.artificial skeletons inside the doll?s body and limbs for sex doll. Our uniquely designed joints for sex doll allows the sex doll?s body and limbs to be more agile, and can be made more different poses for sex doll.5.OEM face, body and color is welcome.?Functional Effects:1. The apparatus according to the medical bionics, by choice of massage, vibration, rotation, sound and other multi irritating sensitive areas, regulating endocrine, the lack of male orgasm or sexual excitement for moderate. Conditioning, so as to achieve physiological balance, and ultimately to improve sexual function and enjoyment. ? ?2. Interest purposes. The apparatus also on the treatment of male impotence, premature ejaculation has a significant effect, according to medical reports masturbation will lead to long-term decline in sexual function decline. ? ? ? ??3. Women appear inferior to the phenomenon of communication, or more seriously affect the marriage. Inflatable doll?s lower body completely simulates the human body, after use can be eliminated. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??4. Masturbation, significantly enhanced self-confidence, and increase male sexual performance extended sexual intercourse.Unit price:US$400~US$1000
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